Slot Overview: Book of Fortune

In 2020, a group of seasoned professionals in the gaming business formed Print Studios with the intention of creating slot machines for those “in search of deeper gameplay.” Their debut release, dubbed Book of Destiny, is based on the classic Book of Ra formula. It’s not an exact replica, but many gamers will recognize the core mechanics and enjoy the gameplay. As part of the ‘deeper gameplay’ idea, Print Studios has modified the infamous expanding symbol free spins feature and added more gambling options for players willing to take risks in exchange for possibly larger winnings.

Book of Destiny gives a lovely impression of Ancient Egypt with its breezy design. The 5-reel, 10-payline game board has the crisp lines of hieroglyph-covered pillars, backdrop masonry, and a few of magnificent sculptures. A seasoned ‘book of’ player will have seen this type of thing many times before, but the quality here is impressive and bodes well for the rest of the book.

The numbers in Book of Destiny may surprise you. While they aren’t quite “through the looking glass” disclosures from top-secret government documents, they make for an interesting discussion nevertheless. The greatest difference between these and standard Ra-style games is the potential payout. Although the game’s RTP of 96.5% isn’t great, it improves to 96.72% if you opt to buy the bonus instead of waiting for it to be triggered naturally. Book of Destiny may be played on any device with minimum bets ranging from 10 p/c to £/€80 each spin.

Two or three of a type, starting at the far left of the screen, will pay off in this game’s standard 10 fixed paylines. The lower-paying royal cards (10-A) reside at the bottom of the paytable, while the higher-paying Anubis, Thoth, Horus, and an explorer tiles are a cut above the average ones you’d find in a game of this type. The reward for a premium combination of five of a type ranges from 75x to 500x the wager, or 5,000x for a complete screen of expanding explorers. The book icon acts as a wild, substituting for other symbols to complete winning lines, and a scatter, as is customary in book-themed slot machines. When used as part of a winning combination, wilds are worth as much as the highest paid explorer symbol.

Features of the Slot Machine Based on the Book of Fortune

In this version of Book of Destiny, the expanding symbols during free spins are still the major feature, but you also get to “Choose your destiny and start printing.” The free spins bonus round begins when three or more scatter symbols appear. Free games and payouts of 2, 20, or 200 times the wager are awarded for landing 3, 4, or 5 scatters, respectively.

Prior to the start of the free spins, players can select one of the pay symbols to act as the Expanding Symbol throughout the bonus round. Symbols that expand to occupy an entire reel are eligible for payouts on all active paylines, regardless of where they land on the reel. After that, you’ll either enter the bonus game or have the option to bet for more Expanding Symbols. If you’re feeling lucky, you may try your luck by spinning the white and black segments of the Destiny Gamble wheel. If you land on white, you get to choose another symbol (up to a maximum of three), but landing on black resets an Expanding Symbol. The free games will be forfeited if there is just one Expanding Symbol.

In the bonus game, ten more free spins are added and a new Expanding Symbol is chosen at random if three or more scatter symbols appear on a single spin.

The Book of Destiny offers two more betting choices. Scatter Boost, which doubles the current wager, is one example. By activating it, players increase the likelihood of seeing scatter symbols on the reels, which should help them reach the bonus round more quickly. The alternative is to make a “bonus buy,” which, for 75 times the wager, immediately grants you free spins.

Slot Verdict from the Book of Fortune

The Book of Destiny slot machine is a professionally made ‘book of’ game with several extras for experts to sift through. There are no surprises or significant wow moments in the first slot of Print Studio, but everything is also tied up well. Similar to the first game from rival firm Lucksome, albeit at the time of writing they have already released three titles. How long it will take Print Studios to make it to number three is anyone’s guess. According to the company’s own words, “They will deliver games that are meant to be played for years,” which runs against to the current industry norm of “churning out games at a rapid pace.” Since certain members of the Print Studios crew are former Push workers, this is reminiscent of the philosophy that prevails at Push Gaming.

Is it possible that Book of Destiny might be used in the future? There’s no reason why it couldn’t be, but given that it belongs to a category of slots that is both enormous and expanding, it’ll likely be overshadowed by newcomers showcasing innovative twists on the tried-and-true formula at some point. Book of Destiny is currently among the best options for a Book slot. It looks good, does what it’s supposed to do, and even manages to stand apart thanks to a few novelties.

Since most of them are only extra gamble options, you may safely ignore most of them if you’re not interested in taking any unnecessary risks. It’s a dicey decision to gamble with free spins. Correct answers yield further growing symbols; incorrect ones, well, you know the drill. The interaction between the cheap bonus buy and risking one’s fortune on the Destiny Gamble wheel is plain to discern. Some people might find the level of danger too high to enjoy it. It’s entirely up to the discretion of the participants, though. The maximum payout in Book of Destiny is 10,823 times the wager, which is more than twice as high as in most of similar games and may be the deciding factor in its favor. Overall, Print Studios’s first effort is a respectable one, with a sturdy construction that raises hopes for the studio’s future output.

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