Chaplaincy Services

Spiritual Care Department

Modeled on both successful hospital and corporate spiritual care programs, the Spiritual Care Department focuses on providing spiritual counseling and bereavement support to patients, their families and employees. Working in concert with community services, area ministers, priests, rabbis, imam and congregations, the Spiritual Care Department provides visitation and consultation services and facilitates funerals and memorial services regardless of affiliation or lack thereof.

The Spiritual Care Department visits touch on many of life's challenging issues, including:

  • Grief, death and loss
  • Bereavement support
  • Parent/Child issues
  • Relationship conflicts
  • Workplace transitions, e.g., merger, acquisition, layoffs
  • Serious illness
  • Separation and divorce
  • Family conflict
  • Life transitions and changes
  • Disabilities
  • Drug and alcohol addictions
  • Mental, physical and sexual abuse

Our Services

Through our services, we:

  • Provide confidential discussions for issues of employees and their families. These include marriage, divorce and remarriage, illness, care of aging parents, death and grief, parenting and other personal issues
  • Visit employees and family members outside the workplace where care is needed, including hospitals, nursing homes, funeral homes, and family homes
  • Plan, conduct or attend funerals and memorial services for employees and their families. Provide follow up support and encouragement to family members following the death of their loved one
  • Provide referral care and coordinate specialized assistance to employees and family members with specific needs
  • Draft letters of concern, sympathy, appreciation and congratulations to employees and their families and send under chaplain’s signature or prepare for the company’s executive to send
  • Provide consulting and support for other issues such as post-termination care
  • Participate in new employee orientation to explain the chaplaincy care program and the role of the chaplain
  • Include traditions from various faiths, such as ethical wills, holiday observances and funeral practices, as well as talking with health care and funeral home personnel about the needs of patients, their families and employees
  • Integrate interfaith activities and coordination with Spiritual Care Departments of other faith communities when needed

The Spiritual Caregiver covers all patients and employees as well as their immediate family members. Chaplaincy Services are voluntary, confidential and neutral from AHS operations. When there is a pastoral emergency and the Spiritual Caregiver is not available, staff will call upon community clergy members.

The Spiritual Caregiver will visit employees and their families in area hospitals and coordinate arrangements with service providers and local clergy. Our spiritual caregivers plan and officiate life cycle and spiritual rituals upon request, including prayer leadership, baptism, and memorial services and funerals.

Spiritual Care Coordinator

The Spiritual Care Coordinator at San Leandro Hospital is the Rev. Sue Magidson.  She can be reached at 510-861-0510.

Director of the Spiritual Care Department

The Director of AHS Spiritual Care Department is responsible for managing all spiritual care. S/he must be certified and in good standing with the Association of Professional Chaplains, or an association of comparable stature.

The Rev. Donald Paul Miller, director of the department, can be contacted at 510-437-4431 and also through AHS operators at 510-437-4800.