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San Leandro Hospital

San Leandro Hospital is a proud member of the Alameda Health System (AHS) family. The hospital is a 93-bed facility in central Alameda County acquired by AHS in late 2013.

The hospital is home to 450 employees, 100 physicians, and 40 auxiliary-volunteer workers. The wide range of medical services includes 24-hour emergency services, critical care, and a full complement of skilled surgeons, rehabilitation services, and ancillary services to a population of 265,000 people. Adding San Leandro Hospital represented a major step in expanding the AHS network of health care facilities, for improved health care options and better coordination of medical services.

San Leandro Hospital’s Level II Emergency Department has 13 beds and serves an estimated 28,000 patients a year. The hospital’s critical/intensive care unit has nine beds.

AHS Chief Administrative Officer James Jackson oversees the day-to-day management of San Leandro Hospital in addition to Fairmont Hospital.

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